Single Point of Access to Global FX Markets

Whether you’re trading for your own business, advising clients, managing a portfolio, to access alpha or hedge exposure, we provide tools and products designed to connect you seamlessly to the global FX marketplace. Through our integrated electronic tools you can access trading, order management, back office reporting and risk management features that will boost your FX trading operations. We also allow our clients to white label our technology to better serve their own clients.


Maximize your access to deep liquidity and operational efficiency in the global FX markets with our multi-currency trading terminal Atlas FX.

Atlas Back-Office Portal​ TM

Ideal for Banks, Brokers, etc. Take this reports anywhere and get notified.

Keep real time control and generate information from the middle and back-office stand point across your accounts with our  BO Portal.

ATLAS White Label Portal TM

Ideal for Banks, Brokers, etc. Focused simple dashboard to control transactions.

Extend these capabilities to your clients and position your brand with our white labeled solutions from Atlas as a Service.