Atlas FX is an electronic processing platform intended for seamless execution of trade operations in the international financial markets. Provides smooth integration across Atlas’ proprietary technology and our own bank for optimal trading conditions.



Atlas helps banks improve profitability
by optimizing their use of capital and allowing them to focus on their core business. We provide market access, trading technology and risk management.


Hedge Funds & CTA

We partner with our hedge fund clients
to achieve a truly integrated experience, combining our dedicated service and sophisticated technology to deliver multi-asset prime brokerage solutions.


Asset Managers

Atlas offers Asset Managers the ability
to manage multiple clients with fully integrated reporting. Atlas collateral account approach significantly decreases complexity for Family Offices trading across multiple asset classes.


FX Brokers

Atlas enables brokers to expand their trading offering for their clients, and ultimately improve operation results through specialized outsourcing strategies.



Atlas Prime services enables corporations to extend their universe of markets and instruments, all in real time, and fully integrated with portfolio management and reporting tools.


Central Banks

Atlas work with leading Central Banks to offer clients a quick on-boarding process, robust end-of-day reporting and ongoing business collaboration.

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